community involvement

We believe that the church's involvement in the community is essential to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ. One of the ways Waiheke Island Baptist Church do is through our two op shops New Hope Shop (located at 6 Belgium St) and Timeless Treasures (on-site at Waiheke Island Baptist Church). Both are managed under the social enterprise, Windsor Park Hub, Limited.

Our unique mandate is to invest all profits into the Waiheke Island Community. Community and Hardship Grants from August 2009 to May 2019 total more than $422,000.

Learn more about New Hope Shop here.

Learn more about Windsor Park Hub, Limited here.

This Sunday...

We are taking a break from our series,  Thrive: Growing Together For God's Glory. Instead we will be looking at Bringing Others To Jesus', based on Luke 5:17-25.

This Sunday, 15 March, Pastor Roi Nu Maran will be preaching and Kerry Batten will be leading the rest of the service. Please join us for morning tea following the service.

Kidz church is happening this Sunday.

While we are a small congregation and not subject to the 100 max limit, so will continue with our Sunday services, we do recommend that those over 70 remain at home, in accordance with Government advice.

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